About Us

FY Focus was founded by Brion McGowan and Neil Murphy, two International Medical Graduates (IMGs) and Junior Doctors currently working in the NHS. We understand the anxieties, challenges and complexities that arise when embarking on your medical journey in a foreign country, and are here to help provide you with the guidance and support you need.


  Brion is an Internal Medicine trainee currently working in Belfast. Having completed Foundation training in Edinburgh, and gained a further years experience in Emergency Medicine can provide first hand expert advice regarding various hospitals and skills for FY preparation in Ireland and Scotland.



  Neil is a GP Specialty trainee also currently working in the Belfast trust. After completing his FY1 in Derry, Neil progressed by working as an FY2 Doctor in Belfast. During this time, he gained invaluable experience in a wide variety of hospitals in various healthcare trusts across Northern Ireland, including one year in Emergency Medicine across sites in the Belfast area. Neil has a wealth of experience to help you thrive in FY training. 


As Junior Doctors ourselves, we have personally experienced the unique obstacles faced by international medical graduates seeking to establish their careers in the UK. We recognised the need for a comprehensive resource that addresses the concerns, uncertainties, and logistical issues that arise during this process. 

At FY Focus, we are committed to providing a platform that empowers international medical graduates and streamlines their journey to the UK. We have combined our medical expertise with our firsthand clinical experience to create a range of services and resources designed to not only better prepare you but to flourish during your medical training.